The Holo

Mission Among Holo (Taiwanese) in TAIWAN 台語/閩南語宣教事工 


Taiwan's Holo Population: 57%

Christians: 1.0%

Language: Min-nan (Fukien-Chinese)
The Holo are the largest subgroup of Han people in Taiwan with a different Chinese, accounting for currently 57 percent of the population. As the Minnan Language and Mandarin Language are mutually not intelligible, they are properly identified as distinct languages, albeit within the same language family.
Holo (or "Taiwanese") is a dialect of Minnan, and Minnan is a completely separate and distinct language from Cantonese, Mandarin, and other Chinese languages. Other specifics are the traditional Holo residences. They usually feature red brick walls and a red tile roof. The most basic structure consists of a main living room sandwiched between two other rooms. Depending on the family’s wealth and size, buildings were often extended, with wings added to the ends to create a “ㄇ” form.  
Holo settlers from Quanzhou brought the musical genre nanguan to Taiwan. It is believed to preserve many elements of the classical Chinese music that first appeared in southern China in the fourth and fifth centuries.