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 –  An Introduction –


TE&B is an evangelical multi-lingual network with the focus of uniting like-burdened members of churches and other local Taiwanese organization for the needs of adopt the spiritual among Asian expatriates in their neighborhood to hear, understand and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see Asian expatriates in bible study groups in supporting networks of immigrant churches and local discipling ministries established. Under “Expatriates” or migrant people we understand overseas contract workers (Filipino, Indonesian, Thai Vietnamese), but also in-married foreigners  especially from Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Japanese business-people with their women and students form Asian countries, like Mongolia. Converts are gathered in churches baptized and receive church-life and training for a missionary life-style both in Taiwan and back in their countries of origin. They become pastor’s helpers back in their home country or sometimes students of theology themselves.



The committee grew out of the formerly Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee(TECC), which was founded on May 28th. 2004 in Taipei. The name was adjusted tTaiwan Expatriate& Beyond” in summer 2015, due to growth in the numbers of immigrant church pastors also extended beyond the political borders of Taiwan, R.O.C. The role remained the same and still is to assist the local Taiwanese churches to learn more about the practical part of the “Great Commandment” in country. TECC and new TE&Bs publications speak about amazing stories.


As members of the TE&B we affirm our belief in:

   The divine inspiration and consequent authority of the whole canonical Scriptures which is limited to the sixty-six books of the holy bible alone.

  The Trinity, one God, revealing Himself in three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  The doctrine of deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, his miracles, His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory.

   The universal fall of man, his consequent moral depravity, and his need for renewal in a spiritual born-again experience, visible through a life which demonstrates and testifies Christ as king and savior.

   The need for justification of sinners through faith in Christ alone (Jo. 3:16;14:6).

   The ministry of the Holy Spirit by Whose indwelling, the Christian is enabled to live a holy and God pleasing life.

  The resurrection of the body of all, to be judged by God

   We believe in eternal life of the saved for heaven and the eternal punishment of the lost.

   We believe in the second coming of Christ, before the creation of a new earth and a new heaven.



Taiwans churches are not only faced with 600 000 foreign laborers, Asian immigrants and inmarried women, the experience demonstrates it has become next to impossible to start new churches without them. They are the caretakers of the needy people in Taiwan and entertain a broad local network of relationship to many households in need of help, sometimes better than the local government. The success of shaping of the future of Taiwan in many communities depends on how well this new cultures can be integrated. For the churches however to take care of the spiritual needs of this people decides more, it demonstrates the cross-cultural power of God’s love and gospel.



1. Resource Center: In order to pursue its goal TE&B is gathering and developing resources for missionary outreach ministries (printed literature, entertaining an information blogsite). TE&B also works through the multi-lingual mission magazine of Kaibigan in the spoken languages of expatriates inKaibigan” (Magazine of the Filipino churches in Taiwan) or in English / Chinese as well as other newspapers and magazines of Taiwan. In addition TE&B also supports the Indonesian publication of “NURANI,” with a more biblical-culture focused approach.

2. Annual Conference: The annual TE&B Conference shall help to increase the awareness of foreigner’s spiritual and social needs and encourage the local churches to pick up the torch of local and global mission ministries.

3. Scholarship Support: TE&B is supporting the China Lutheran Seminary in its effort to invite South Asian students of theology for the purpose to engage them in outreach work among their respective people group.

4. Student Ministry. In the last years attention for the spiritual needs of international students has grown. Ministries among them are encouraged, resources, published and prayed for through TE&B channels as well.

5. Self-Support & Finances: At the moment the printing and other expenses are paid by offerings and paid into the account of CCEA (Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association, for “TE&B”). Expenses are paid by donations, currently under CCEA’s booking system and recorded through its finance department.



To take care of the spiritual needs of Asian immigrants by sharing the gospel in their respective mother tongues, implement and facilitate church planting by evangelizing, baptizing and discipling them in their own languages and send them back as trained people and followers of Christ to their home countries. We have printed and distributed more than 200,000 gospels in Vietnamese. By the grace of God we have now growing immigrant churches in all target groups. We need more churches to reach the many in their environment which we can not invite for evangelistic events. We need younger pastors and missionaries to enter the roles of those who soon will be in retirement age. We need more theological seminaries to adopt the expertise of an immigrant missiology in their teaching slots. Become a researcher and help us to bring the results much faster into the Christian media.

Praise God by becoming a volunteer to send short term teams to support our outreach efforts. We need churches that are willing to contribute to the maigre salaries of the immigrant pastors. We pray for churches, that would be willing to pay into a fund for the theological grassroot training of poor immigrants in Taiwan, especially for the Vietnamese. The third unreached people group of Taiwan: Under “Expatriates” or migrant people we understand overseas contract workers (Filipino, Indonesian, Thai Vietnamese), but also in-married foreigners especially from Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Japanese business-people with their women as well as students from Asian countries, like Mongolia.



We always be very limited in resources, but the last year’s experiences demonstrated together we managed to reach many people over the years with the gospel of Jesus. It is almost impossible to control the developments, but we would value your prayers, friendship and support.

Taiwan Expatriates & Beyond (TE&B) # 1, 20 Fl. Baosheng Rd. 23444 Yunghe District, New Taipei City

超越台灣外籍人士委員會(TEB)台灣 23444 新北市永和區保生路 1 , 20

Tel886-2-8660-1070 Fax886-2-2231-1070#170,

The  TE&B  feels  responsible  to  build  adequate  structures  to  have  those  churches become  successful  on  this road  and  is  continuing  the  origin  main  ideas  of the former  TECC  (Taiwan  Expatriate  Caring  Committee),  which  was  founded  in  May 28th  2004  in  Taipei  at  the  Tagalog  Ministry  Center of the Taipei International Church. Currently  the  networking  organizations  are:  Taiwan  Deaconry  Mission, SEND  International,  TIEF,  CMA,  TIC,  CCEA,  CLS, TECC 



The  TE&B  will meet  regularly  and  update  the  local  and  the  migrant  churches, including  the  Christian Chinese  media  (articles,  interviews)  about  its agenda  and  invite  for  conferences  and  meetings. Different  from  its  former way migrant  churches  will  be  given  space  to  grow  into  their  responsibility  to beyond  the  R.o.C.  borders.  The  TE&B  network  ministry  has    an  office, organizes regular  UPG  prayer  meetings,  where  prayer  for  TW  migrant  churches. 


TE&B - Planting Churches for the Nations - in your Neighborhood



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